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safeMedicate for Institutions

Essential Skills comprises a highly interactive, visual and self-paced learning environment designed by experienced nurse educators and clinical pharmacists. It is designed to develop and assess the competencies required for safe medication dosage calculation at the point of registration.

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High quality graphics and video help your users through the calculation process.

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Essential Skills can be used to replace traditional methods of teaching and assessing drug calculation skills and locates seamlessly within a typical pre-registration curriculum. The integrated assessment features provide a platform for formative or summative assessments with automated and detailed diagnostic feedback on performance for the individual user and institution.

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Record how your users interact with our optional calculator to determine if they understand calculation setup.

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Essential Skills comprises 4 key modules:

  1. Foundation Numeracy Assessment (FNA)
  2. Medication Dosage Calculation Skills (MDCS)
  3. Authentic Diagnostic Assessment (ADA)
  4. Authentic Assessment (AA)

Foundation Numeracy Assessment

This module is designed to gauge the learner’s start-point understanding of basic numeracy concepts. It consists of a 40-point assessment split into 5 sections:

  1. Division
  2. Multiplication
  3. Conversion of fractions to decimals
  4. Multiple Computations

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Assess your users basic numeracy skills.

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The problems are typical of the arithmetic that underpins medication dosage calculations. The assessment provides useful diagnostic feedback from the outset to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness to help guide and promote learning.

Medication Dosage Calculation Skills

MDCS is the key learning environment of Essential Skills which assists learners to:

  1. Understand the essential clinical features of dosage and rate problems.
  2. Recall and develop the computation skills required to accurately calculate dosages and IV infusion rates.
  3. Develop the technical skills to accurately measure the dose or rate using typical administration vehicles.
  4. Practice at their own pace and continually assess and evaluate their learning and understanding

Learners work through 6 sections that combine to provide the understanding and skills required to safely and accurately perform drug calculations in clinical practice.

  • Introduction
  • Prescriptions and SI Units
  • Tablets and Capsules
  • Liquid Medicines
  • Injections
  • IV Infusions

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Users answer drug calculation questions with authentic interactive syringes.

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Practice diagnostic assessments are available after each key section with questions drawn randomly from our extensive database of authentic dosage problems.

Authentic Diagnostic Assessment

The ADA module is designed to periodically assess drug calculation competence and provide error diagnosis and feedback. It does this by simulating the real world environments that students and practitioners will be exposed to in clinical practice. Detailed diagnostic feedback to the learner and institution ensures that learning is always optimized.

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Review your user group as whole using our easy to read feedback features.

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Authentic Assessment

With a design informed by a 3-year programme of research commissioned by NHS Education for Scotland (NES), Authentic Assessment (AA) takes one step closer again to the reality of medication dosage problem solving in practice. AA is typically used as a ‘point of registration’ assessment for learners.

For registered practitioners, AA provides for pre-employment testing and periodic audit activities according to local need. Powerful reporting tools make it easy to swiftly and accurately verify drug calculation competencies and identify those staff requiring further training and support.

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See how your users perform in each area and difficulty level of the assessment.

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The pediatric module builds on the knowledge gained from studying MDCS and introduces learners to weight based calculations typically used with infants and children.

Learners will understand how to:

  • Use the “six rights of medication administration” to deliver prescribed medications to an an infant/child.
  • Determine safe and therapeutic dosage ranges for the pediatric population.
  • Calculate drug dosages based on the pediatric patient’s kilogram weight.
  • Demonstrate medication administration skill by selecting the correct syringe and drawing up the correct amount of medication.
  • Document medication administration on the electronic medication record.

Assess your users in pediatric weight based calculations.

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Pediatrics Assessment

The Pediatrics Assessment module is designed to periodically assess drug calculation competence and provide error diagnosis and feedback with weight based calculations typically used with infants and children.

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Check your user's progress with detailed diagnostic feedback.

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Why choose safeMedicate?

  • It works. Your users are prepared for the reality of practice using authentic screen based simulations of drug calculation problems.
  • It's accurate. Our diagnostic assessment tools help you identify users’ strengths and weaknesses within a research informed competency framework.
  • We save you time. Stay ahead with automated assessment marking and feedback generation and tools to monitor user engagement and progress.
  • We lower risk. Be assured of the drug calculation competence of your users and their ability to practise safely.

Institutional Purchase?

For volume purchase plans and costs please contact us and will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the most appropriate plan for your organization.