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What is safeMedicate?

An e-learning solution for developing and assessing competence for safe drug calculations

Medication errors remain an unfortunate feature of 21st century healthcare that all too frequently results in needless patient harm. safeMedicate is a unique e-learning solution that addresses this problem by supporting the development and assessment of competence for safe medication practice. With over 200,000 users worldwide, safeMedicate is the market leading resource for healthcare students and practitioners.

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An assessment and audit tool for healthcare institutions

safeMedicate provides healthcare institutions the tools to periodically assess competence amongst staff and pro-actively manage risk associated with medication errors. Diagnostic assessments quickly and accurately identify any skill deficits and direct practitioners to self-paced interactive learning appropriate to their needs.

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What can safeMedicate do for you?

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Registered Nurse

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I like to stay on the top of my game. On the ward we tend to see the same dosage regimes time and again. safeMedicate helps me practice a wide range of drug calculations which gives me the confidence to work safely in any situation.

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Nursing Student

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I love the interactive exercises and the way they help me relate what I’m doing to practice. The feedback I get is great and really helps me understand how well I’m doing and where I need to improve.

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Healthcare Manager

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We use the assessment features for pre-employment testing and periodic audit activities. It’s easy to swiftly and accurately verify drug calculation competencies and provide the necessary training for staff who need additional support.

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Healthcare Educator

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Simple assessment scheduling and automated marking are real time-savers. It’s also important for me to know how well students are doing and the reporting tools provide a level of analysis that pin-points their strengths and weaknesses.

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